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About Us

SwaLay is the first Indian organization to provide an all-in-one content distribution solution in this era of the digital entertainment industry. We aim to empower independent artists, groups, and small or local businesses in this industry to stand out and promote our talent in front of the world, without any hesitation or myths of society.

We're a brand backed by TalantonCore - India's leading brand in the entertainment industry, to provide a complete and economical structure for our artists to get directly involved with the music & entertainment industry along with the expert's guidance.

Understanding Logo


SwaLay is a music-born brand, our name itself is made of two core elements in music: स्वरलय

Swar/स्वर - That musical sound is continuous and uniform and which by itself creates a charming sensation on the ear is called 'Swar'. In, other words, that musical sound that is sweet by itself and which creates a charming sensation on the ear is called 'Swar'. 

Swar is that sound that has some meaning and which possesses a distinct identity. Sound becomes music only when it holds a specific connotation among other sounds along with the rhythm. Music, be it Indian or Western, is based on Swar. It is composed of different configurations of Swar.


Lay/लय- In music, the same speed or movement is called Lay(Rhythm). As we walk around, read or talk, etc. it has been seen that some words we speak quickly, some words we speak slowly. All these actions have their own speed. It is also required in music, this motion is called rhythm in music

Our #IndieRevolution

SwaLay, being one of India's leading content distribution solutions has come up with a new revolution named #IndieRevolution to support and promote independent artists and talents across the country. Through this initiative, we're partnering with indie artists, groups, and music labels across the country to spread awareness about indie music culture and its emerging future in India.

As per the research, indie artists stood out with an impressive growth of 34.1 percent over the previous year, reaching the billion-dollar peak for the first time at $1.2 billion. In India, independent artists are now featuring among the top-performing artists on streaming platforms. 

One of the biggest factors behind this change is the emergence of another game-changing platform, digital audio streaming services. For independent artists, these platforms provided a much-needed alternative to large music producers or labels. For the first time, with SwaLay they had the option of reaching out directly to a very large listening population on the power of their music alone. At 19.1 hours (compared to the global average of 18 hours) of listening to music in a week, this population clearly represented a larger market.

Our Team

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Mr. Nikhil Jain


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Mr. Divyansh Dhasmana

Managing Director

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Mr. Nickson Yesudass

Head - Operations & Management

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Mr. Abhinav Kumar

Head - Creative & Designing

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