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Boris Brejcha and His Purple Mask

Boris Brejcha was born in 1981 in Germany and began his career as a DJ and producer in the early 2000s. He is known for his unique blend of techno, electro, and minimal music, which he calls "high-tech minimal". He has released several albums and EPs over the years, including "Feuerfalter" and "My Name Is", and has gained a dedicated following of fans around the world.

One of the most distinctive aspects of Boris Brejcha's performances is his use of the "purple mask", which he wears during his sets. The mask has become a symbol of his brand and is often associated with his music.

In addition to his productions, Boris Brejcha founded his label, FCKNG SERIOUS, which features music from himself and other artists. He has also collaborated with other musicians, including Ann Clue and Theydream.

Boris Brejcha is scheduled to perform at Sunburn in Mumbai, India on May 5th, and tickets for the event are selling quickly. Fans of the techno music genre are eagerly anticipating the show, as Brejcha's unique blend of high-tech minimal music is known for its powerful bass and intense energy. The event will take place at the DOME, NSCI, SVP Stadium in Mumbai, and is expected to draw a large crowd of techno enthusiasts.


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