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Success Story of TARANG NAGI: An Independent Artist Thriving with SwaLay

In the realm of music, independent artists have often struggled to find a platform that truly showcases their talent and helps them reach a wider audience. However, with the emergence of SwaLay, an innovative music distribution platform, talented artists like Tarang Nagi are now finding success and recognition in the industry. 

Tarang Nagi, a Delhi-based independent artist, is a perfect example of someone who has managed to make a mark in the music industry through his exceptional skills and relentless passion. Tarang, a singer, writer, composer, and music composer started his rhythmic journey at a young age, Tarang has already completed more than 50 tracks, which is no small feat for an independent artist. 

He came under the spotlight when his compositions like "Pehli Mulaqat" and “Trinetra” which he had composed back in 2020, were released. He recently collaborated with another wonderful artist associated with SwaLay, Shaan to produce another mind-blowing composition, “Lost Somewhere”. His 2023 song, “Azadi” crossed 2.5 lakh+ views on YouTube in less than 3 months which is quite commendable for an independent artist. 

His other famous compositions include “Kyun Mujhse Door”, securing 8th position in the ‘Breaking Indian Independent’ playlist and 5th position in the ‘Breaking Hindi Pop’ playlist on Apple Music. Tarang being associated with SwaLay and TalantonCore for a long period, has more than 700 listeners from more than 35 countries. 

SwaLay provides a unique space for talented indie artists to showcase their music and connect with a diverse audience. It is happy to have Tarang as one of its major collaborators, his songs "Tere Bin" and "Azadi" have become immensely popular on SwaLay, gaining recognition from both fans and industry professionals. "Tere Bin" has also gained recognition as the second primer on 93.5 Red FM, a major radio station. This achievement is a testament to Tarang's talent and the growing recognition of independent artists in the industry.  

In a music industry dominated by major labels and established artists, platforms like SwaLay provide much-needed visibility and avenues for independent artists to thrive. Its collaboration with major labels like TalantonCore India, the label that works with Tarang Nagi, further amplifies the exposure and opportunities available to independent artists. By partnering with established labels, SwaLay creates a bridge between independent artists and the mainstream music industry, enabling them to gain recognition and even secure record deals. 

With his exceptional talent as a singer, writer, composer, and music producer, Tarang has managed to capture the hearts of listeners through his magical melodies. His versatility and ability to create music in both English and Hindi have also contributed to his growing fan base and popularity. 

The success of independent artists like Tarang Nagi highlights the changing dynamics of the music industry, where talented artists no longer have to rely solely on major labels for recognition. Platforms like SwaLay are leveling the playing field and allowing artists to take control of their destinies. 

Tarang not only reached new fans across the world but also secured a spot in popular indie-segmented playlists like iTunes Trending, etc. catapulting his career to new heights. Tarang with his perfectly pitched talent creates his art both in Hindi and English and is available on all the major music platforms. 

In conclusion, Tarang Nagi's success story as an independent artist thriving with SwaLay is a testament to the power of talent, passion, and innovative platforms in the music industry. SwaLay provided the exposure, resources, & support necessary, and Tarang with his love for music created a perfect amalgamation of a successful musical story. 

Join the Success Story

These success stories are just a glimpse into the thriving community of independent artists finding their footing with SwaLay. If you're an artist looking to amplify your music on a global scale while retaining control and ownership, SwaLay might be the platform you've been searching for. 

Join the ranks of artists like Tarang Nagi, who have embraced SwaLay to navigate the complex world of music distribution, turning their passion into a flourishing career. 

Discover the possibilities with SwaLay – where harmonious journeys are written by the artists themselves.  

Follow SwaLay and Tarang Nagi on social for which links are provided below-

The Instagram handle of SwaLay - @swalaydigital

The Instagram handle of Tarang Nagi - @tarang_nagi_21



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