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Dailyhunt & SwaLay: A Game-Changing Partnership in the Indian Music Streaming Platform

Dailyhunt, one of India's leading news and content platforms, recently announced a collaboration with SwaLay, a popular music streaming service in the country. The partnership aims to provide Dailyhunt's users with access to a wide range of music from Indian and international artists, through the Dailyhunt app.

SwaLay, known for its vast collection of regional Indian music, will provide Dailyhunt's users with access to a wide range of music across different languages and genres. This includes popular, independent, and alternative music from across the country. The collaboration will also allow Dailyhunt's users to create and share their playlists, and discover new music based on their preferences and listening history.

This collaboration is a major step forward in Dailyhunt's efforts to expand its offerings beyond news and information and provide its users with a more holistic and engaging experience. The integration of music streaming on the platform will provide users with a one-stop destination for all their news and entertainment needs.

Additionally, this collaboration will also benefit SwaLay as it will expand its reach and audience by making its music streaming service available to Dailyhunt's large user base, thus providing a wider audience for independent and regional music.

Overall, the collaboration between Dailyhunt and SwaLay is a significant move in the Indian digital content space and will bring diverse music to a huge audience. It will provide a great opportunity for music enthusiasts to discover new artists and songs, and for independent and regional musicians to reach a wider audience.


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