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Empowerment of Indian music and artists

Music has the power to bring people together and unite cultures. The Indian music industry is no exception, with a diverse array of genres and artists that cater to different tastes and preferences. However, despite the abundance of talent in the country, many Indian artists struggle to gain the recognition they deserve.

This is where the concept of empowering Indian music comes in. The idea is to promote and support the local music scene, providing artists with the resources and platforms they need to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience.

One way to do this is through streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, which have a global reach and allow for easy access to music from around the world. Indian artists can use these platforms to distribute their music and gain exposure in the international market.

Another way to empower Indian music is through music distribution solutions such as SwaLay, which has partnered with industry-leading platforms to help Indian artists upload their music and gain maximum exposure. SwaLay also helps artists to monetize their music by providing them with PPL and IPRS membership.

Additionally, music festivals and concerts play a crucial role in promoting Indian music. These events provide a platform for artists to perform in front of a live audience and gain new fans.

But it's not just about promoting Indian music to the outside world. It's also important to support and appreciate the local music scene within India. This can be done by attending concerts and festivals, supporting independent artists, and promoting the music of underrepresented communities.

SwaLay's primary goal is to empower the Indian music industry, and it was suitably recognized at the National Achievers Award 2022. By assuring that the artists working with the platform retain full ownership of their content and are not bound by any restrictive contracts, the startup sparked an independent music revolution in India. Within the previous three months, the site has released more than 10000000 song plays and has already sponsored over 1000 Indian musicians. This proves that SwaLay's goal of empowering the Indian music industry and giving homegrown artists a stage to flourish has been a success.

In addition, the company's collaboration with significant industry players like Hungama, Apple iTunes, Jaxsta, MX Player, and other OTT companies has helped to broaden the audience for Indian music throughout the world. Overall, SwaLay is actively supporting and promoting the Indian music sector, and its actions are undoubtedly having an impact.


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