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IPRS and SwaLay: Revolutionizing Royalty Collection for Music Composers in India

The Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS) stands tall as a stalwart in the music industry, unwaveringly dedicated to safeguarding the rights of music composers across the diverse landscape of India. Since its establishment in 1969, IPRS has been a driving force behind protecting the invaluable intellectual property held by these creative minds.

The Indian Performing Rights Society (IPRS) plays a crucial role in the music industry by protecting the rights of music composers across India. As a non-profit organization, IPRS collects and distributes royalties to composers when their music is publicly performed or used. This ensures that composers receive fair compensation for their creative efforts, encouraging artistic innovation and fostering a thriving music ecosystem. By safeguarding composers' intellectual property and streamlining royalty collection, IPRS contributes significantly to the sustainable growth and development of the music industry in India.

IPRS has officially partnered with SwaLay, a rapidly developing music distribution platform, to transform royalties' collection and distribution. Their common goal is to make the process more efficient, transparent, and artist-centered, improving the livelihoods of music composers in an industry driven by passion and innovation.

The IPRS-SwaLay collaboration prioritizes transparency and accountability. By leveraging blockchain's decentralized nature, the partnership ensures that royalty transactions are recorded securely and transparently. This eradicates uncertainties and ensures that composers' royalties reach them directly, without intermediaries.

In conclusion, the partnership between IPRS and SwaLay marks a transformative milestone in the music industry, providing composers with efficient and reliable royalty collection and distribution. Through this association, IPRS underscores its commitment to protecting composers' rights and ensuring they receive their well-deserved recognition and rewards. Together, SwaLay and IPRS pave the way for a music ecosystem where composers can thrive and continue to enrich the world with their artistic creations.


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