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SwaLay Lights Up Times Square: iNDIE CHARTS Takes Indian Music Global

Move over, mainstream! There's a new chart in town, and it's shining a spotlight on the brightest hidden gems of the music world – India's independent artists. SwaLay, the music distribution platform championing independent voices, is proud to announce iNDIE CHARTS, charts that breaks down borders and catapults these talented musicians onto the world's most iconic stage: Times Square.

Forget the tired metrics of likes and follower counts. iNDIE CHARTS throws away the rulebook, focusing solely on the raw power and passion of the music itself. Our curators, with their discerning ears and endless passion for discovery, will scour SwaLay's vast ecosystem of thousands of artists to find the songs that truly shine. These aren't just catchy tunes; they're stories whispered, feelings amplified, and hearts laid bare through the universal language of music.

iNDIE CHARTS isn't just about giving our artists a platform; it's about rewriting the narrative. ~ Mr. Nikhil Jain (C.E.O SwaLay Digital)

Every month, the top picks from this sonic treasure trove will be crowned chart-toppers. But the glory doesn't stop there. These chosen few will see their music emblazoned on the dazzling screens of Times Square, their voices reaching millions in the heart of the world's cultural melting pot. It's a chance to be heard, appreciated, and celebrated on a global stage, regardless of the numbers in their bank accounts or followers on social media.


This isn't just a chart; it's a movement. It's a celebration of individuality, of artistic freedom, of the raw power of music to connect us all. So join us, music lovers! Dive into the iNDIE CHARTS, discover your next sonic obsession, and help us amplify the voices that deserve to be heard. Together, let's show the world the true sound of India, one incredible song at a time.


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