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Priyamvada Upadhyay Crowned "The Voice Of SRCASW" in Spectacular SwaLay's Event

In a grand celebration of musical talent, SwaLay, in collaboration with Shaheed Rajguru College of Applied Sciences for Women (SRCASW), hosted a mesmerizing event that will be etched in the annals of music history. The stage was set, the audience was eager, and the atmosphere was electric as the much-awaited "The Voice Of SRCASW" event took center stage, dazzling music enthusiasts and patrons alike. The competition, part of the prestigious "The Voice Of Campus" series, drew innumerable talented participants, each vying for the title of "The Voice Of SRCASW" and the coveted global launch opportunity.

The event, graced by an esteemed jury, witnessed the discerning judgment of three luminaries in the music world: Tarang Nagi, Nickson Yesudass, and Rituraj Anand. Their expertise and critical assessment added an extra layer of excitement to the proceedings, creating an atmosphere of heightened anticipation.

After a night filled with soulful melodies and electrifying performances, there emerged a standout talent who captured the hearts of judges and spectators alike. Priyamvada Upadhyay, a gifted vocalist with a voice that resonated with passion and grace, emerged victorious, earning her the prestigious title of "The Voice Of SRCASW" and the opportunity for a global launch that could propel her to international stardom.

SwaLay, the pioneering music distribution platform, is known for enabling artists and music individuals to reach millions of music listeners. With its mission to support and uplift emerging talents in the music industry, SwaLay's collaboration with SRCASW was a remarkable testament to their commitment.

Priyamvada's win is not just a personal triumph but also a testament to the power of music in bringing people together. Her journey from the auditions to the finals is a testament to her dedication and exceptional vocal prowess. As SwaLay and SRCASW continue to foster and promote musical talent, the world eagerly awaits Priyamvada Upadhyay's global launch, which promises to be a groundbreaking moment in the realm of music.

The "Voice Of SRCASW" event has once again highlighted the transformative power of music and the incredible talent that India possesses. It has proven that when music and innovation converge, the possibilities are endless, and the world gets to witness exceptional artists like Priyamvada Upadhyay.

Congratulations to Priyamvada and everyone who played a part in making this musical extravaganza a resounding success


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