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Red FM and SwaLay partner to expand music offerings for Indian listeners.

RED FM is a popular FM radio station network that operates in several cities across India. The Network is owned and operated by Sun Group and was launched in 2002. RED FM is known for its innovative programming and engaging content, which includes music, talk shows, news, and entertainment. The station’s tagline “Bajaate Raho!” translates to “Keep playing!” in English, which reflects their commitment to providing their listeners with a continuous stream of music and entertainment.

RED FM has teamed up with SwaLay, a platform renowned for its extensive collection of regional Indian music. The partnership will enable RED FM users to access a diverse range of music across various languages and genres, including popular Bollywood and Tollywood songs, as well as independent and alternative music from different parts of India. Additionally, the collaboration will allow users to create personalized playlists and explore new music based on their listening preferences and history.

The collaboration between SwaLay and RED FM provides several benefits for SwaLay, including increased visibility and access to a wider audience. RED FM is a popular FM radio station network in India with a large and dedicated listener base. By partnering with RED FM, SwaLay can expand its reach and offer its music streaming services to a broader audience, potentially increasing its user base.

The collaboration also enables SwaLay to offer its users access to RED FM's vast collection of curated music content, including exclusive interviews, live performances, and events. This partnership allows SwaLay to offer a more comprehensive music experience to its users, enhancing its value proposition and potentially driving user engagement and loyalty.

Overall, the partnership between SwaLay and RED FM can be mutually beneficial, allowing both companies to leverage their respective strengths and expertise to enhance the music experience for their users.


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