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Spotlight on Winner of The Voice of Galgotias University

SwaLay, a platform for distributing music, has joined forces with Galgotias University to encourage cooperation and generate prospects for up-and-coming musicians, artists, and creators in the music sector. The primary objective of this collaboration was to offer useful tools, guidance, and chances to connect with others to empower and back artists in their endeavors to pursue music careers. The partnership also aimed to advance diversity and inclusiveness in the music world.

SwaLay organized a special event called "The Voice of Galgotias University", which aimed to inspire and boost talented students from Galgotias University. The event was designed to identify and present emerging artists from the university to a national audience, providing them with a platform to showcase their skills. This event provided many advantages to the students, such as acknowledgment, a worldwide launch, opportunities to obtain official merchandise, and an extended network to aid them in reaching bigger audiences beyond their local community.

The prestigious judging panel for this highly regarded occasion consisted of well-known personalities such as Chahat Kakkar and Saurav Mishra, who are acclaimed as singers, composers, producers, and lyricists. Abhas Suman, a proficient music composer-producer, and Abby Viral, a motivational speaker-singer, were also part of the panel. Drawing on their vast experience and proficiency in the music industry, these judges brought their distinctive viewpoints and knowledge to assess and recognize the exceptional abilities of the participants. Their participation in the event elevated its reputation and credibility, demonstrating SwaLay's commitment to fostering excellence in music and supporting budding musicians, artists, and creators.

The winner of the event, Akshat Dixit, after intense competition and deliberation by the esteemed panel of judges, emerged as a truly deserving talent. With Akshat’s outstanding musical prowess, creativity, and dedication, Akshat Dixit showcased exceptional skills and captivated the audience with his performance. The unique style, impressive technique, and ability to connect with the audience made Akshat Dixit stand out among the talented participants. The Akshat's unwavering passion for music, hard work, and talent earned them well-deserved recognition and accolades. This victory marks a significant milestone in their music journey, and their talent is sure to shine bright in the music industry.

The successful collaboration between SwaLay and The Galgotias University in creating opportunities for up-and-coming musicians, artists, and creators has had a genuinely positive effect, and the achievements of the Akshat Dixit serve as proof of the influence of cooperation and empowerment in the music sector.


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