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SwaLay Digital Joins Hands with ACRCloud to Uplift Authenticity in Distribution

New Delhi, India, 26th August 2023 – A significant stride towards upholding the authenticity and integrity of content in the music realm has been achieved as ACRCloud, a leading provider of audio recognition technology, teams up with SwaLay Digital, a renowned music distribution solution. This collaboration is geared towards bolstering the production and protection of genuine artistic content within the music industry.

The primary focus of this partnership lies in fostering an environment where authenticity is paramount, ensuring that only verified and original creations from SwaLay are given prominence across various platforms. ACRCloud's advanced audio recognition technology plays a pivotal role in identifying and safeguarding copyrighted material, thereby promoting ethical practices and honoring the endeavors of musicians, composers, and creators.

As part of this joint endeavor, Swalay will use ACRCloud's copyright compliance service as the safeguard to examine all songs before distribution , ensuring that the genuine efforts of artists are preserved and respected. This collaboration aligns perfectly with SwaLay Digital's dedication to nurturing independent artists and their unique creations.

Both ACRCloud and SwaLay Digital share a common commitment to elevating the music industry's integrity and ensuring that both artists and audiences benefit from a robust ecosystem where creativity thrives. As the landscape of music consumption continues to evolve, this partnership holds the promise of offering listeners authentic, high-quality content, while providing creators with the recognition and protection they rightfully deserve.

With ACRCloud's expertise in audio recognition technology and SwaLay Digital's prowess in music distribution, the alliance is poised to bring about a positive shift that will echo throughout the industry.


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