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"Nasha" with SwaLay

Introducing Chahat Kakkar and Saurav Mishra, two talented and accomplished musicians who have been collaborating as music composers and performers for over a decade. With a passion for music since childhood and a wealth of training and experience, Chahat and Saurav have honed their skills to become sought-after artists in the industry.

From their humble beginnings as young musicians, Chahat and Saurav have worked tirelessly to pursue their dreams. Chahat Kakkar and Saurav Mishra have been working together as music composers and performers for 11 years. They have performed in various events and have composed music for different media including films, television, commercials, and radio jingles. They have appeared on several television shows and their songs have been released by prominent music companies such as Yash Raj Films, Saregama Music, Times Music, and ZEE Music Company.

Chahat Kakkar and Saurav Mishra have a new track called “Nasha” which is a blend of club and Sufi music. The song “Nasha” was created through the collaborative efforts of music composers Chahat-Saurav, lyricist Saurav Mishra, mixer Chahat Kakkar, master Khalid Aziz, Fresh Melody Point Label, graphic designer Anuj Tomar, creative director Abhinav Kumar, content moderator Divyansh Dhasmana, publication in charge Nickson Yesudass, Marketing in-charge Ankur Singh, and distribution partner SwaLay India. They plan to showcase their new song at an upcoming live event.

(Chahat Kakkar)

Recently, Chahat Kakkar and Saurav Mishra joined forces with SwaLay, an organization that helps talented music artists find a platform to receive the recognition they deserve. SwaLay is dedicated to creating a world where independent musicians can thrive and reach a global audience without any restrictions. The ultimate goal is to support the process of these artists. Their collaboration with SwaLay is a fantastic opportunity for them to showcase their talents and reach a wider audience.

SwaLay India plays a crucial role in giving the song “Nasha” recognition through its distribution and marketing efforts.

(Saurav Mishra)

As a distribution partner, SwaLay India plays a critical role in promoting the song “Nasha” and giving it the recognition it deserves. The organization is responsible for distributing the song to various music streaming platforms, radio stations, and media outlets. SwaLay is also involved in marketing the song through social media, advertisements, and other means. By raising awareness of the song and making it readily available to listeners, SwaLay is helping to ensure that “Nasha” reaches a broad audience.

SwaLay helps give “Nasha” the recognition it deserves.

In conclusion, the release of “Nasha” is the result of the hard work and dedication of a team of skilled professionals, each contributing their unique skills and talents to bring the song to life. I commend their efforts and hope that “Nasha” continues to be a success, reaching a wider audience and bringing joy and entertainment to music lovers everywhere.


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